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Chiropractic Headache Clinic Services

23 August 2022
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Tension headaches and migraines can be a result of a sinus infection, a concussion, or a misalignment along the neck or spine. A chiropractic office may feature a headache clinic. This type of clinic will provide a patient with comprehensive services, including the diagnosis of a condition and treatment options.

Pain Relievers Mask The Pain

Pain relievers may seem like a simple fix to a headache, but they are only covering up the pain on a temporary basis. If an infection or injury is present, a headache could be linked to either one of them. A chiropractor will examine a patient to determine what type of condition they are suffering from. The examination will help a chiropractor determine if a series of headaches are linked to a medical problem.

Treatment Options May Vary

A chiropractor may use an imaging device to see inside of a patient's body to assess the musculoskeletal system. This type of assessment will determine if a blockage or misalignment is present. Treatment options will then be dependent upon the diagnosis. Many treatments that a chiropractor offers can be conducted in their office. A chiropractor may use manipulation to ease discomfort by applying pressure to various parts of the body during this type of procedure.

If a misalignment is present, a chiropractor may use massage and adjustment techniques to relieve discomfort. A patient may need to undergo several massage and adjustment techniques before they notice a marked reduction in the number of headaches that they experience.

Natural Remedies Can Help Ease Pain

A chiropractor will try to use a natural approach when treating headache-related injuries. They may inquire about a patient's sleeping patterns, eating habits, daily exercise routine, and more. Elevating a body part that may be associated with the onset of headaches may relieve pressure. Using a heating pad can help reduce pain too. A facial mask that is designed to soothe the facial skin could also help combat a headache.

Using auditory recordings that are designed to induce relaxation could help someone get a good night's rest. A chiropractor may recommend that a patient tries a series of natural remedies. They will also need to continue attending their regularly-scheduled chiropractic appointments. A patient may want to keep track of their daily activities and record information about when and where they experienced a headache. This information can help a chiropractor determine what is triggering each headache.