5 Elements That Impact The Healing Process

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5 Elements That Impact The Healing Process

27 January 2019
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When you hurt your back, there are various factors that impact your ability to heal. There are a few major factors that determine how quickly you will heal. Understanding these factors can help you better understand the healing process. When you are suffering from back pain, your chiropractor will use these different elements to help guide your healing process.

#1 The Health Issue You Are Facing

First, your chiropractor will look at the particular health issue that you are facing. For example, tight muscles may be easier to deal with than a muscle that is torn. The health issues that you are facing will determine how quickly you will heal; some injuries just take more time to heal than other injuries.

#2 Length of the Injury

Second, the length of the injury plays a big role in the healing process. With back injuries, they can often exist for some time before they are actually properly identify and treated. If you have had a lingering back injury, it may take some time for it to heal. If your injury is newer, the healing process should go faster.

#3 Your Age

Your age will play an important role in your body's ability to heal. As you get older, it naturally takes more time for your body to heal. You may be able to heal quickly from a back injury in your 20s, but as each decade goes on, it will take you longer to heal from most injuries. If you have the same injury as someone who is twenty years younger than you or the same injury you had twenty years ago, don't expect the healing process to be the same. Age can change your body's ability to heal.

#4 Level of Stress in Your Life

The level of stress that you are facing in your life can impact your body's ability to heal. There are multiple types of stress that can impact how your body is able to heal from a back injury.

The first is physical stress. When your body is physically stressed, like from a car accident or injury, rest is usually necessary for your body to heal. The second type of stress is chemical stress, such as an addiction or over dependence on drugs or alcohol. You'll need to deal with the chemical dependence before your body is able to fully heal. The third type of stress is emotional stress, which can come from a variety of different sources. Emotional stress can take a while to deal with.

#5 Treatment Plan

Finally, how and when you seek treatment will determine how you heal. The sooner you find a chiropractor to help with your back injury, the sooner you will start your healing journey. A chiropractor will be able to help you make choices that will decrease your recovery time and will help you protect your back from future injury and harm as well.