Reduce Back Pain While Driving A City Bus

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Reduce Back Pain While Driving A City Bus

4 November 2018
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Old age, stretched muscles, and long work hours can cause your lower back to throb. If you are a city bus driver, you don't have the luxury of taking breaks during most of your shift. Use some tactics to remain comfortable and always seek the advice of a chiropractor if you suffer from prolonged back pain that doesn't go away after resting your muscles or taking an oral pain reliever.

Wear A Supportive Garment Under Your Uniform

Stop pain before it occurs by keeping your back muscles aligned during your shift. A supportive garment that is secured around your waist will assist with keeping your back straight. If you tend to slouch over while driving, you will be instantly reminded of the awkward movement when you feel the supportive garment restrict you from bending over in a rapid manner.

A supportive garment can also be useful when you are walking. If you are responsible for assisting some of your older or disabled patrons with entering and exiting the bus, as well as seating them, the garment will make you aware of your posture so that you continue to walk with straight shoulders and your head held high.

Use Heat And Motion To Beat The Pain

A seat cover that uses heat and motion technology is designed to soothe and knead sore muscles. Have you ever sat in a recliner that possessed heat and massaging features? If so, you are aware of how the combination of these two elements can assist with discomfort.

Heat is a natural pain suppressant that will not cause inflammation of muscles and tendons and gentle vibrations can reduce tension associated with sitting in one position for a long time. Before purchasing a cover, speak to your employer about your back pain and ask if it would be alright to use a heat and vibration aid while driving. If so, buy a cover that is designed to be used in a bus.

Look for a model that contains snap or velcro closures and an adjustable strap. Arrive for work a few minutes early and use the extra time to secure the seat cover over the driver's seat in the bus that you will be responsible for driving.

At the end of your shift, remove the cover and bring it home with you. Replace the batteries in your cover's battery compartment as needed and launder the fabric surface as directed in the owner's manual that came with the cover. 

For additional information about reducing back pain while driving a bus or for professional help at reducing back pain, reach out to chiropractors like those at Fick Chiropractic Centers Inc.