What Can Be Done About Chronic Migraines

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What Can Be Done About Chronic Migraines

7 May 2018
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Chronic migraines can truly affect the way you live your life. These headaches are not only incredibly painful, but they can often be resistant to the general kinds of NSAID medications that people take to handle regular headaches. You might feel horrible so often that you wonder whether anything can relieve your head. Luckily, some natural migraine-busting ideas are listed below.

1-Visit a Chiropractor

Chronic migraines could actually be aggravated by pinched nerves or a spine that isn't in proper alignment. Chiropractors work with muscles and nerves each day, focusing on tension in the shoulders, back, neck, and head muscles to gently align the spinal column. Your head should feel better as a result. You might feel surprised at how good your head feels once a session is over. Repeated sessions are necessary for the chiropractor to manipulate your muscles and relieve you of these troublesome headaches.

2-Have Blood Tests

If your migraines are constant, don't disregard the part nutrition can play. You may be having symptoms of some kind of nutrient deficiency. You can ask your physician about ordering a suite of blood tests that will tell you whether you're low in iron or B12, for instance.

Of most interest should be the magnesium test; a magnesium deficiency is sometimes seen in people who have chronic and painful headaches. Because blood tends to reside in the cells, a magnesium RBC (red blood cells) test should be ordered instead of a serum magnesium test for better results. If a magnesium deficiency is indeed the case for you, your doctor is likely to recommend supplementation. You may want to focus on magnesium glycinate or magnesium citrate; both are easily absorbed by the body.


Sometimes these headaches are, in part, caused by low blood flow to the brain. You can actually increase blood circulation with a simple workout regiment. By exercising regularly and getting your blood pumping with some cardio like walking briskly or running, you may experience less frequent migraine episodes.

4-Cutting Down Stress

For some, stress is a regular companion. Stress can be so unrelenting that it manifests as physical discomfort, often presenting as migraines. Be aware of this and look for ways to feel better throughout the day. Enjoy yourself a bit every day, and practice self-care and relaxation techniques. You may even want to journal about your feelings and see if migraines blossom when you're particularly sad, angry, or upset.

These measures can be what you need to finally take your life back from chronic migraines. Your chiropractor, doctor, and other professionals can offer even more solid advice. For more information, talk to companies like Stroud Chiropractic Clinic.