Injured On The Job And Will Likely Need Chiropractic Care? Take These Immediate Steps

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Injured On The Job And Will Likely Need Chiropractic Care? Take These Immediate Steps

26 November 2017
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One of the first things that can enter your mind when you sustain a back injury is the cost of having the issue fixed through multiple chiropractic adjustments. However, if you're injured on the job, your employer may have to pay for these sessions until you've recuperated. Before the employer will arrange chiropractic care for you, however, he or she will have to be convinced that your on-the-job injury was legitimate. Here are some steps that you should take immediately to increase the likelihood of your employer paying for your chiropractic care from a company like Hope Health and Wellness.

Recruit People Who Saw The Accident

Immediately after you suffer your accident — slipping and falling, for example — look around for co-workers who witnessed the incident. Unfortunately, due to people who make fraudulent injury claims, your employer won't necessarily believe you. He or she could think that you had a pre-existing back condition and have faked an injury in order to get your chiropractic care paid for. When you speak to those who saw your accident and compel them to speak on your behalf to your employer, you'll strengthen your case.

Speak To Your Supervisor

The employer may question the legitimacy of your injury and fight you on paying for your chiropractic care if you aren't quick about reporting what has happened. Plan to speak to your supervisor right away — ideally, with those who witnessed the accident and can provide verbal or written statements that support what you're saying. The supervisor will need to fill out an incident report form, which the employer's HR department may later use to determine if it will pay for your chiropractic sessions.

Note The Specific Time Of The Accident

Many workplaces are equipped with video cameras, and it will be an asset if your injury were recorded by one of the cameras. Of course, this depends on how many cameras are running in the area, and whether your injury took place within the viewing angle of one of the cameras. Always note the specific time of the accident and report it to your HR rep. He or she can then look into obtaining footage of the incident. It's important that you provide the exact time so that it's easier for your employer to find the accident, and that you report this information in a timely fashion in the event that the security camera footage is recorded on a loop, which means that old footage is recorded over unless manually instructed not to. Ideally, your employer will believe your accident story and take care of your chiropractic bills.