The Benefits Of Physical Therapy For Pain Relief, Rehabilitation, And Prevention Of Future Injuries

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The Benefits Of Physical Therapy For Pain Relief, Rehabilitation, And Prevention Of Future Injuries

24 October 2017
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Many patients are less than enthused about the prospect of physical therapy. They may believe that they need to rest more to recover from an injury or that they can simply resume normal activities on a limited basis until they are fully healed. 

However, regular physical therapy sessions with a skilled therapist can help to alleviate pain ,stimulate healing, retain normal range of movement, and help to prevent future events by provide strengthening activities.

How Can Physical Therapy Help to Reduce Pain and Stimulate Healing?

Physical activity stimulates the release of endorphins inside the body, naturally occurring chemicals that provide pain reduction and stress relief. Carefully controlled exercise can also stimulate the healing process by focusing the body's healing capabilities on the affected area of the body. Of course, this must be done in a manner that protects the injured area from further damage, under the supervision of the therapist.

Chiropractic care can be used to realign the spinal vertebra to their proper alignment by manually manipulating the vertebra into position. This can alleviate pain by reducing pressure on spinal nerves, and stimulate healing by freeing any interference of the neural pathways along the spinal nerves. This allows the brain to manage the healing process more efficiently as messages are sent and received without degradation.

How Does Physical Therapy Help to Retain Fuller Range of Movement?

When physical activity is limited because of an injury, muscles and the tendons and ligaments that connect them can become shorter. Scar tissue can develop around the injured area. Both of the factors can result in a limited range of movement in the affected area. Some of the limitations, especially with a buildup of scar tissue, may become permanent without surgery to remove the affected tissue.

Exercise warms the muscles and allows them to be stretched to the normal sizes. Stretching activities also keeps ligaments and tendons from shrinking and restricting movement at critical joints.

 How Does Physical Therapy Help to Prevent Future Injuries?

A physical therapist will develop an program that is geared toward strengthening the weaker areas of an individual patient. For example, if the patient experiences frequent back issues, the therapist may design activities that focus on developing the core muscles of the lower abdomen, which support the spine. Stretching and posture may also be included in prevention of back pain, as both muscle tightness and poor posture can also contribute to back pain.

Physical therapy can also help to avoid the growing problem of opioid dependence, as reliance on painkillers is replaced with healthier and more natural options for pain relief. Contact a clinic, like Rehab Solutions Physical Therapy, for more help.