Stay Away From These Winter Activities If You've Just Had A Chiropractic Adjustment

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Stay Away From These Winter Activities If You've Just Had A Chiropractic Adjustment

27 February 2017
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Following a chiropractic adjustment that brings your spine back into its proper alignment, your chiropractor will typically instruct you to take it easy for a while. This directive doesn't imply that you should take bed rest, but it does mean that pushing yourself physically may not be in your best interest. During the winter months, there can be many compelling activities to consider, and it may be tempting to join friends who are heading out to enjoy one of these endeavors. However, these fun activities may quickly prove detrimental to the health of your back. Here are some winter activities to avoid unless your chiropractor has given you the OK.

Ice Skating

Ice skating on an indoor or outdoor rink is an enjoyable way to spend a winter afternoon, and it may seem fairly innocuous, too. The concern with this winter activity is what could happen to your back if you fall. When you make a hard impact with the ice, there can be a jarring effect — and, given that you'll often land on your tailbone, there's a strong likelihood that your spine will suffer a significant jolt that could potentially put it back out of alignment.

Downhill Skiing

Downhill skiing is enjoyable for a long list of reasons, but this winter sport isn't your best choice when you're receiving chiropractic care. Uneven areas on a downhill run, moguls, and jumps can all generate a significant impact on your back, even without a fall. This means that as you travel down the hill, your entire body, including your back, will be getting jostled around. Given that there may already be a weakness in your back due to having a spine out of alignment for a long time, this activity could definitely compromise your spine health, even if you don't take a tumble.


If you have children, you may feel enticed to act young at heart and join them for a tobogganing run at your neighborhood sliding hill. Unfortunately, this activity isn't without its share of risks for chiropractic patients. In the seated position, your tailbone risks absorbing a lot of the impact your body experiences as you bounce around while sliding down the hill. This poses a risk to the healthy position of your spine. Additionally, a tumble and roll down the hill could potentially tweak your back and leave you in the shape you were in before you began receiving chiropractic adjustments.