Three Ways To Reduce Your Allergy Symptoms Without Popping Pills

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Three Ways To Reduce Your Allergy Symptoms Without Popping Pills

26 January 2016
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If you go to the doctor complaining about allergy symptoms, chances are good that you'll be given a prescription medication to help you fight off symptoms. But what if you don't want to rely on medications to keep your allergies in check? What if you don't want to spend the rest of your years battling side effects and worrying that, if you don't take your pills, you'll feel miserable? Luckily, there are some more natural ways to reduce your allergy symptoms that don't involve popping pills. These remedies may not work for everyone, but since they're totally safe, they're worth a try.

Chiropractic Care

Many people don't realize that chiropractors treat a lot more than just back and neck pain. The nerves that control every system in your body run through your spine, so by adjusting the spine to ensure it's not pressing on these nerves, your chiropractor can help manage any number of conditions -- including allergies.

Allergies occur when your immune system reacts to something it should not react to, such as pollen or pet dander. This over-reaction of the immune system might be caused by pressure on nerves that control the immune system. If the spine is adjusted to alleviate that pressure, over time, your allergy symptoms should diminish as your immune system is able to function more normally.

A chiropractic adjustment is quick and painless. You will lie face-down on a table while your chiropractor uses his or her hands to re-position your vertebrae. You may hear some popping sounds, similar to when you crack your knuckles, but you will feel no pain. Some patients are a little sore the next day, but this is minor and subsides quickly.

Eating Local Honey

This remedy is a good one to try if you are allergic to pollen, specifically. Essentially, by eating raw, local honey on a regular basis, you expose yourself to pollen regularly, and over time, your body gets used to it and starts reacting less severely.

Note that the honey used for this treatment has to be raw. If the honey is pasteurized or heat-treated, the pollen won't be in tact, so the effects won't be the same. The honey must also be obtained from the area in which you live. Honey obtained from a different area may contain pollen from different plants than those that are in your area, so by eating it, you'll be building resistance to the wrong plants' pollen.

To find raw, local honey, try shopping at farmers' markets and farm stands in your area. You may also want to visit natural foods stores. If they don't carry raw, local honey, they may be able to point you towards someplace that does. Drizzle the honey on toast, stir it into your tea, or eat if off a spoon -- aim for several teaspoons per day for several months. You should notice your symptoms slowly decrease.


The mind and the body are intricately related in a way that science has yet to thoroughly explain. This mind-body connection is the reason why self-hypnosis has been an effective means of controlling allergy symptoms for many patients. Self-hypnosis involves putting yourself into a trance-like state in which your mind becomes more susceptible to certain suggestions. When using self-hypnosis to treat allergies, these suggestions may be things like "when you inhale the pollen, you will no longer respond by sneezing."

Learning to hypnotize yourself and then implement such suggestions is an involved process. If you're interested in this approach, find a hypnotherapy center in your area. Many offer self-hypnosis classes and will get you started in the right direction. Note that hypnosis, contrary to many peoples' concerns, is not harmful and won't leave you as a zombie under your hypnotist's control.

Since all three of the treatments above are safe and natural, it is completely fine to combine them as you wish in hopes of experiencing greater allergy relief. You should be sneezing a lot less in no time.